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Use Raw Drawing to get closer to the heart of things, and learn to appreciate the beauty of the spontaneous.

Raw Drawing is not an art class, with rules and regulations that beginners must follow to succeed.
Instead, it’s a unique, practical, and nonjudgmental resource that frees your imagination and helps you develop a new visual language using the simplest signs, lines, and shapes.

Raw Drawing is a book, published by Batsford LTD, for all those who say they don’t know how to draw. If you follow the path showed in the book, you’ll be able to draw again, more and more.
A workbook with 200 pages, more than 70 exercise, about drawing, philosophy, art, life and… everything.
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“Raw Drawing” is an idea of Italian artist Alessandro Bonaccorsi: since 2017, when he launched the first “Disegno Brutto” workshop in Italy, he has given more than 80 courses with over 1200 participants.
On January 2019 italian publisher Terre di Mezzo published “La via del Disegno Brutto”, a little success for all those who want to find a new way for daily creativity. On June “Raw drawing” is on the shelves, published by prestigious Batsford LTD.
This book brings together all of Alessandro’s core teachings, making the power and creativity of raw drawing accessible to everyone.
For every adult, it’s the key to becoming a child again and appreciating the basic joys of creating art.


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